Tunnel and Cavern Works

Caverns and Tunnels

As the need for caverns and large underground spaces increases, NIG & RICH is at the forefront when it comes to planning and executing the design and construction of such facilities. Our experience to date includes large span caverns for storage facilities of all types, major highways requiring three- and four-lane tunnels and water supply/storage Tunnels.

Creating large underground spaces is a major challenge and demands experience and good judgment as well as a wide range of technical and engineering expertise. It is also perceived to be a high risk activity and, in accordance with current best practice, we ensure that an effective risk management strategy is put in place at all stages of a project. Our systems, procedures and processes are implemented right from the planning stage through to the design, construction and operational phases in order to ensure the safety of personnel and the integrity of the works.

Under the supervision of some of the best industry professionals from Korea we have adopted advanced machinery & tools, which help us in completing the projects in most satisfactory manner.

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