Irrigation and Water Supply

Storm Water Management

Managing the quantity and quality of storm water is termed, "Storm water Management." The term Best Management Practice (BMP) is There are many forms of stormwater management which NIG & RICH offers

  • Manage storm water to control flooding and erosion;
  • Manage and control hazardous materials to prevent release of pollutants into the environment (source control);
  • Plan and construct storm water systems so contaminants are removed before they pollute surface waters or groundwater resources;
  • Acquire and protect natural waterways where they still exist or can be rehabilitated;
  • Build "soft" structures such as ponds, swales or wetlands to work with existing or "hard" drainage structures, such as pipes and concrete channels;
  • Educate a community about how its actions affect water quality, and about what it can do to improve water quality;
  • Plan carefully to create solutions before problems become too big.
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