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Zinc was conceptualized and founded by Mr Shakeel Mazhar chairman and CEO, Nig and Rich Infratech Pvt ltd in the year 2012.

This started as a dream, to build, the- State-of-the-art, green, environmental friendly, stone crushing plant and also to be known, as the largest manufacturer of stone aggregates in south India. His vision was to cater to the requirements of every mega infrastructure project in south India. Guided by his vision, and armed with the knowledge of the local market, he surmounted every obstacle in his path, to achieve what was thought impossible.

Zinc has come a long way since its inception and has grown in the field of stone aggregate manufacturing, its distribution, sales and marketing. Supply of graded stone boulders and armour stones to breakwater projects have further added value to the Product line-up of Zinc.

With new mega projects in the pipeline, added with continuous surge in demand from the local and the export markets, zinc is experiencing exponential growth, in fact, today, we are proud to proclaim that Zinc is, on the pinnacle of success.

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